Slate roofing

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Slate Roofing in Oxford

At JCM Roofers, we have a team of expert slate roofing installers who all have the skill set and know-how necessary to carry out slate roof installations and repairs in Oxford.

Naturally strong and weather-resistant, slate roofs are a great-looking and environmentally friendly material for your property. 

Handsome grey slate stone tiles are closely connected with the vernacular style, and are seen as a high-quality, timeless choice. It’s completely fire-proof and water-resistant material, which ensures that it’s very long-lasting – often over a century. 


Slate Roof Repairs

Natural slates are usually quite heavy, which is why it’s important that you have a professional roofing team for installation and maintenance of this material.

JCM Roofers are your local roofing company in Oxford, and we have plenty of experience using slate tiles, as well as most other materials including lead, asphalt, concrete and clay, and a range of flat roofing materials. 

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Slate roof inspection

Slates experience changes that affect their performance on the roof over an interval of time. There is an easy, relatively simple way to test for this change, by grasping a loose single slate at its edge and softly tap it in the centre with a hammer. This should produce a clear dinging sound if the slate is structurally sound. If a dull, dead, sound is emitted it is likely that the slate has become porous and is now at the end of its life.


If major reslating work is required, it is advisable to contact the local planning authority to check if planning permission or listed building consent might also be needed. In the light of the difficulties in sourcing large quantities of Scottish slate, the existing roof covering should be recorded in detail prior to dismantling.